2021 Journal of Korean Archaeology

The NRICH published Korean and English edition of the 2021 Journal of Korean Archaeology, a magazine featuring major excavation results in Korea.
In 2021, a total of 1,894 buried heritages from the Paleolithic Era through the Joseon Dynasty were excavated and 31 of high academic value, including the Maedun Cave in Jeongseon and the Jungseong Fortress on Ganghwa Island, are included in the magazine.
The excavation of 1,600 pieces of Joseon-era metal movable type in Gongpyeong-dong, central Seoul received much attention from the public. The Jongno area where the Gongpyeong relic is located is often dubbed as the “Pompeii of Joseon” as thick sedimentary layers since the Joseon Dynasty unveils relics or artifacts intact.
The magazine also offers “Excavation Sites Seen through YouTube” for the public to easily access cultural heritage excavation and statistics as supplement to provide more information on buried cultural heritage.