Immersive Natural Heritage Content for all

Natural Heritage Division
MIN Hongki

Immersive Content, A Novel Way to Enjoy the Natural Heritage

Since January 2023, the Natural Heritage Center, a center dedicated to presenting natural heritage, has showcased six types of immersive content developed in 2022. These experiences have garnered enthusiastic visitor responses, introducing a fresh and enjoyable approach to appreciating natural heritage.

Getting up Close With Natural Monument Animals

The Natural Heritage Center’s lobby hosts an interactive augmented reality exhibit showcasing natural monument animals specifically curated for its primary audience—children. The content features 10 animals brought to life through motion recognition cameras and 3D modelling, available in two modes: relaxation and experiential.

1. Experience content of natural monument animals

Turning Imagination Into Reality

Many exhibition institutions have specimens that have been lost and only exist in partial form. Within the realm of natural heritage, this encompasses fossils(bones, footprints, egg fossils, etc.) and extinct paleontological specimens. Although there are some complete specimens, these items more typically exist in a fragmented state, influencing their display accordingly. To enhance comprehension for visitors, the Natural Heritage Center has generated augmented reality renditions of dinosaur bones, footprints, egg fossils, and extinct mammoths.

2. Augmented reality experience of dinosaur footprint fossil
3. Outdoor augmented reality experience

Delving Into the Wonders of Our Natural Heritage

Showcasing the beauty and distinctiveness of natural heritage, the Natural Heritage Center has created multi- faceted videos that allow visitors to experience natural reserves like Yongcheondonggul Lava Tube, Hallasan Mountain, and Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone. This multimedia content has emerged as a sought-after highlight in the exhibition center, offering visitors an immersive glimpse into these authentic natural heritage sites. Additionally, the center furnishes a media wall, enabling visitors to handpick designated scenic sites and natural reserves.

4. Yongcheondonggul Lava Tube experience hall
5. Natural reserves and scenic site media wall

Charting a Fresh Path in Natural Heritage Accessibility

Natural heritage sites possess significant value, including scenic beauty, aesthetics, and rarity. Unfortunately, these sites often remain inaccessible due to protection measures. Physical entry to mountainous areas and islands can be challenging and expensive. Leveraging advanced technology, the Natural Heritage Center’s immersive content revolutionizes access, providing a convenient and secure method for all to experience these sites.

6. Multifaceted video featuring natural reserves