‘Advanced Technology of Gaya’ Academic Symposium

Gaya National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, which opened in 1990, has been promoting excavation and research on important cultural relics in the Gaya cultural area, and has been striving to secure basic research materials for the restoration of Gaya history. The “Advanced Technology of Gaya” academic symposium is one of the “Symposium on Gaya History” that have been held since 2017. This year, in commemoration of the 30 years of the institute’s opening, the symposium was held to reflect on the past and share the future research direction for Gaya cultural heritage along with a special photo exhibition. The presentation ‘Gaya people’s livelihood and civil engineering technology’ examined the civil engineering of Gaya tombs, buildings and castles, along with livelihood technology. ‘Gaya people’s production technology’ presentation explored the production and distribution of Gaya pottery, iron production and manufacturing techniques, and manufacturing techniques of horse harnesses and accessories.