Test Furnace for Research on Ancient Iron Production Techniques & Academic Seminar

The Jungwon National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (Jungwon NRICH) completed its establishment of the Iron Production Technique Restoration Station on November 19, 2020. The new station will provide the experimentations to take place under more stable and organized environment compared to the previously-used temporary station with unfavorable conditions.  

A gallery-type classroom (“Musoene Smithy”), expected to open in 2021, was also added, where children and students can learn and experience the history and process of iron production in a fun and easy way.

Also an academic seminar of the “Retrospect on and Prospect for the Half-Century of Studies into Iron-Production Ruins” was held on the day of official establishment of the station to celebrate the completion of the new building and to commemorate the past half century research into Korea’s iron-production ruins. The seminar suggested the concepts and methods regarding the studies of iron-production ruins. These efforts are expected to bring together archeology, metallurgy, folklore, and other related fields to promote further research on ancient iron production.