Director’s Message

Greetings from Seoul,

My warmest greetings to all of you reading this third issue of the “NRICH” English journal! Since its establishment in 1969, the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH) has been actively involved in global research and has established connections with researchers around the world. With increasing global efforts to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to soon resume our international research and exchanges with our friends and researchers from abroad.

First of all, in volume 3, we proudly present the NRICH’s diverse international cooperation efforts and accomplishments achieved with related institutions abroad in the past 50 years. In order to understand a specific cultural phenomenon, it is necessary to gain knowledge on not only the regional background, but also on the surrounding environmental context. For this purpose, the NRICH has been involved in co-research and human resource exchanges with like-minded institutions in neighboring countries such as China, Japan, and Russia, but also in Central Asia, the United States, and with European institutions. At times, we spent several months together at archaeological sites excavating various local artifacts; engaging in investigations and providing conservation treatments on damaged artifacts; and co-hosting academic conferences to discuss topics of common interest and share the results of our work.

These opportunities for mutual work visits have enabled our researchers to learn more about their counterparty’s history and partake in hands-on experiences. Most importantly, the trust built from the joint field investigations strengthened the solidarity within these partnerships. We look forward to further enhancing our global network and to seeking opportunities to broaden our perspective in the future too.

Secondly, this issue introduces the role and the impact of current digital advances and scientific technologies on the past, present, and the future of cultural heritage. Also in our newly added “NRICH Focus” corner, you can find an exclusive interview with the French Ambassador to South Korea, Philippe Lefort, who shares his stories and deep knowledge regarding cultural heritage along with his special affection for South Korea.

On behalf of the NRICH, I would like to show my deep appreciation to all our friends and partners of NRICH around the globe for their friendship and cooperation. And to our possible future partners-to-be, we sincerely welcome you and look forward to working with you all. Lastly, to our readers and supporters of the “NRICH” English Journal, we can’t thank you enough for your warm and kind support. Everyone at NRICH wishes you and your loved ones good health and strength in the days ahead.

Stay safe and stay connected,

Director General of National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

Dr. JI Byongmok