NRICH Hosts Ceremony Commemorating Cooperation with Korean Archaeological Society

The NRICH established a space for cooperation with the Korean Archaeological Society in the institute to nurture the next generation of Korean archaeologists and boost research exchanges and held a signboard hanging ceremony at the Archeology Center of the NRICH on December 28, 2021.

The space will be used for discussing cooperative projects and joint research between the two organizations. In 2021, the two institutions together have offered a summer camp for 40 students from 15 universities to train professionals in buried cultural property.

The students went through field training at seven excavation sites including Wolseong in Gyeongju; Archaeological Site in Wanggung-ri, Iksan; Archaeological Site in Bonghwang-dong, Gimhae; and Earthen Fortification in Pungnap-dong, Seoul. The two institutions will develop more joint programs
to train future professionals in studying, managing, conserving and utilizing buried cultural assets.
This ceremony provided a foundation for a smooth cooperation system between academia, institute and government through systematic support from the NRICH, the Korean archaeological circle and the Cultural Heritage Administration.

At the board hanging ceremony, a signboard wishing for “yusiyujing” (where there is a beginning, there is an end) was unveiled, which refers to carrying something from beginning through the end with fruitful results. The president of the Korean Archaeological Society also awarded plaques of appreciation to the Cultural Heritage Administrator and the NRICH Director General in appreciation of their efforts in raising the status and social role of archaeology.