Seokguram Grotto at Your Fingertips: A World Heritage Experience

Research Division of Artistic Heritage
PARK Jiyoung

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage(NRICH) has developed a braille sensory book titled Seokguram Grotto at Your Fingertips and 3D tactile teaching aids to highlight Seokguram Grotto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds significant importance in Korean heritage. The NRICH distributed them to braille libraries and schools nationwide as part of the Institute’s efforts to advance cultural experiences and promote a deeper understanding of cultural heritage among the visually impaired community.

Braille sensory book and tactile teaching aid set
A view of inside Seokguram

Seokguram Grotto: The Paragon of Buddhist Art and Scientific Creativity

The Seokguram Grotto exemplifies Silla’s architectural and artistic excellence during its golden age in the mid-8th century. This artificial stone cave, meticulously carved from granite, houses Buddhist deities to facilitate the manifestation of the Buddha Land. The main Buddha, Shakyamuni, accompanied by bodhisattvas, heavenly gods, and his disciples occupying the side walls, serve as a testament to the exceptional quality and international style of East Asian Buddhist sculpture.

Converting Photographs into Braille and Storytelling with a Fairy Tale Writer

The braille sensory book features a braille rendition of iconic photos of Grotto by the late cultural heritage photographer Han Seok-hong and captivating stories collaboratively created by researchers and a fairy tale author. The narration by a voice actor can also be accessed through a sound pen and QR code.

Bodhisattva outlined with braille embossed dots
Seokguram Grotto 3D model(30×20×20cm)