NRICH Launches ‘Cultural Heritage Smart Conservation and Promotion R&D Program’

Digitalization and the convergence of technology and information are quickly transforming all aspects of our society. The need for the application of advanced information and communications technology (ICT) has also increased in the field of cultural heritage conservation and management. Against this backdrop, NRICH plans to carry out, until 2025, the first phase of the “Cultural Heritage Smart Conservation and Promotion R&D Program” to upgrade the level of technology used in cultural heritage conservation and management and to promote the overall development of the cultural heritage industry.

To this end, NRICH selected, in April this year, 11 research projects that can help drive innovation in cultural heritage restoration and safety management. They include “Development of AI-based CAD Conversion Technology for Traditional Architecture Drawing Images,” “Smart HBIM(Heritage Building Information) Wooden Architecture Modeling Technology for the Conservation of Historical and Cultural Environments,” and other digital infrastructure projects, as well as “Development of an Intelligent Theft Alarm and Real-time Theft Tracking Technology to Prevent Theft of Cultural Assets,” “Development of Oversized Timber Drying and Moisture Content Measurement Technology for Cultural Property Repair” and “Development of Alternative Technology for Fumigation Using Radiation in Emergency Preservation as a Response to Damage to Cultural Heritage from Disasters” and other restoration and safety-related projects.
Through steady and aggressive R&D investment, NRICH seeks to transform itself into a research institute globally recognized for the development of smart cultural heritage technologies.