Koryeo metalworks and Silk Road Art

NRICH published three books on research results related to Koryeo Metalworks and Silk Road Art. Understanding the Koryeo Metalwork 2 features a collection of 130 household crafts from the Koryeo Dynasty.
There have been few remaining relics or documentary records that are seldom available for viewing. The book features small knives, a needle case, makeup brushes, and other miscellaneous personnel objects used by the Koryeo people, in addition to accessories such as bracelets and hairpins. Encyclopedia of the Silk Road Western Region: Central Asia (Western Turkestan) is a follow-up study to Encyclopedia of the Silk Road Eastern Region: Xinjiang of China published in 2019. This volume covers the western part of the Pamir Plateau-Central Asia and a part of West Asia. The book contains 33 thematic studies on various subjects encompassing history, religion, Buddhist art, and regional crafts where research has been challenged by limited access to the relics and materials. The Art of Silk Road: New Research Trends and Perspective contains six different articles on Silk Road art in Central Asia, written by world-renowned scholars from the U.S., Germany, Italy, and Japan.