Conservation of the “Stone Lantern at Gakhwangjeon Hall of Hwaeomsa Temple”

Eight Units Will Undergo Partial Disassembly and Conservation Measures, Set to Continue until 2025

The national treasure, “Stone Lantern at Gakhwangjeon Hall of Hwaeomsa Temple,” is slated for partial disassembly and conservation treatment. This stone lantern, having endured for a millennium, has undergone regular inspections and comprehensive diagnostics, revealing various cracks of both minor and major proportions. Consequently, the Cultural Heritage Committee has sanctioned a partial disassembly to facilitate conservation efforts. In May, the NRICH organized a Buddhist ceremony, gobulsik, held in front of Gakwangjeon Hall at Hwaeumsa Temple in Gurye to announce the disassembly initiative publicly, marking the initiation of the conservation endeavor. By 2025, the NRICH intends to implement scientific conservation treatments, guided by a systematic and all- encompassing examination, with the aim of restoring the stone lantern to its original magnificence.