Going Further Together in 2023! A Journey of Collaborative World Heritage Research

Overview of the NRICH’s International Exchange Initiatives

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the world has witnessed a resurgence of international exchanges and collaborative endeavors in cultural heritage preservation. The NRICH is proactively championing joint research, international conferences, and the exchange of human resources with countries that have established academic research exchange agreements in diverse fields such as archaeology, art, architecture, conservation science, and natural heritage. This provides an overview of the multifaceted activities and support initiatives undertaken by the NRICH, all dedicated to the conservation and restoration of global cultural heritage.

Agreements and International Conferences

Engagement with Japanese joint research institutionsBuyeo National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageJapanApril 17 to 21
Facilitation of a cooperation agreement for the exchange of cultural
heritage restoration technology with Mongolia
Research Division of Architectural HeritageMongoliaMay 22 to 26
Evaluation of the current status of donated overseas books and
discussion on their collection
Digital Heritage TeamJapanMay 29 to June 1
Establishment of NRICH-ICCROM international cooperation mechanism
and implementation of a field study
Planning and Coordination Division/Conservation Science
Division/Natural Heritage Division
ItalyJune 14 to 20
Discussions about the field study and joint research on cultural
exchanges between Baekje and Nanzhao
Buyeo National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageChinaOctober 30 to November 3
Participation in the ICCROM General AssemblyPlanning and Coordination Division/Conservation Science DivisionItalyOctober 30 to November 6
Establishment of and discussion on the Korea-Japan joint research agreementNaju National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageJapanNovember 6 to 10

Field Study

Survey into Japanese cultural heritage abroadPlanning and Coordination DivisionJapanJanuary 19 to 20
Study of operation and exhibition best practices for function-based natural heritage storageNatural Heritage DivisionUnited StatesFebruary 5 to 11
Field study for comparative research into ancient jade culture in VietnamWanju National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageVietnamFebruary 13 to 17
Field study on the wintering sites of black-faced spoonbills, designated
as a natural monument
Natural Heritage DivisionTaiwanFebruary 20 to 24
Academic study of sites and artifacts associated with early European iron manufacturing technologyJungwon National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageNetherlands,
Czech Republic
April 2 to 7
On-site evaluation for diagnosing structural stability of natural heritage(old trees)Natural Heritage DivisionSingaporeMay 8 to 12
Field study on digital restoration technology for cultural heritageResearch Division of Architectural HeritageFrance, ItalyMay 12 to 20
Case study of facility management and customer service at Japanese
cultural and art institutions
Administrative DivisionJapanJune 20 to 24
First phase of research at Mongolian dinosaur fossil siteNatural Heritage DivisionMongoliaJune 26 to July 7
Field study on conservation treatment for detached murals in Central AsiaCultural Heritage Conservation Science CenterTajikistanJuly 4 to 9
Field study on the conservation status of major architectural cultural heritage in MongoliaSafety and Disaster Prevention DivisionMongoliaJuly 15 to 28
Discussions on the provision of international standard Korean art data and
a case study on the creation of a database for Korean painting heritage
Research Division of Artistic HeritageUnited StatesAugust 13 to 19
Research on dendrochronology using radioactive techniquesCultural Heritage Conservation Science CenterNetherlands,
September 10 to 17
Field study on the repair of German architectural cultural heritageResearch Division of Architectural HeritageGermanySeptember 5 to 13
Field study on German traditional pigment manufacturing technology and
the restoration of painted heritage
Restoration Technology DivisionGermanyOctober 16 to 21
Case study on the preservation and utilization of castles and citadel citiesSeoul National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageUzbekistanOctober 30 to November 5
Analysis of the systems of storing and managing significant excavated objectsConservation Science DivisionUnited StatesOctober 29 to November 3

Academic and Training Activities

Deployment of GPR exploration experts to investigate Angkor ruins in CambodiaCultural Heritage Conservation Science CenterCambodiaMarch 12 to 18
Participation in an academic symposium on cultural heritage in JapanSafety and Disaster Prevention DivisionJapanMarch 27 to 29
Local technical training for cultural heritage preservation in UzbekistanCultural Heritage Conservation Science CenterUzbekistanApril 9 to 21
Artifact study and academic conference for the compilation of the Source
Book on Horse Harnesses from Ancient Kazakhstan
Research Division of ArchaeologyKazakhstanMay 14 to June 5
Participation and presentation at the 16th EMAC ConferenceConservation Science DivisionItalyJune 13 to 18
Collaborative excavation of historical sites linked to ancient culture in Korea and JapanGyeongju National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageJapanJune 19 to July 18
Excavation of ruins in Uvs Aimag Gunt, MongoliaResearch Division of ArchaeologyMongoliaJuly 18 to August 22
Local technical training for cultural heritage preservation in IndonesiaCultural Heritage Conservation Science CenterIndonesiaJuly 24 to August 4
Participation and presentation at Sapporo International Symposium on
Conservation of Cultural Heritage in East Asia
Conservation Science Division / Restoration Technology
Division / Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center
JapanAugust 10 to 13
Joint research(Paper Team) with Nara National Research Institute for Cultural PropertiesPlanning and Coordination DivisionJapanMay 8 to 12
Comparative study of ancient cultural heritage in Korea and ChinaGyeongju National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageChinaSeptember 4 to 8
Joint research on cultural exchanges in ancient East AsiaNaju National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageChinaSeptember 4 to 9
Trainee delegation to an international training program for cultural heritage disaster preventionSafety and Disaster Prevention DivisionJapanSeptember 10 to 25
Joint research(Scenic Site Team) with Nara National Research Institute for Cultural PropertiesPlanning and Coordination DivisionJapanSeptember 11 to 15
Presentation at the SAHC 2023 international conferenceSafety and Disaster Prevention DivisionJapanSeptember 11 to 15
Participation in and management of the 2023 CollAsia ProgramPlanning and Coordination DivisionTajikistanSeptember 16 to October 8
Participation and presentation at IRUG15 Conference & WorkshopConservation Science DivisionJapanSeptember 24 to 29
Joint research on the formation and evolution of central plains culture in Korea and ChinaJungwon National Research Institute of Cultural HeritageChinaOctober 27 to November 3