Excavation of Tomb No. 29 Within the Tomb of King Muryeong and Royal Tombs, Gongju

The Location and Interior of Tomb No. 29 Were Unveiled

A report detailing the re-excavation of Tomb No. 29 within the Tomb of King Muryeong and Royal Tombs, Gongju(“Royal Tombs”) has been released. Tomb No. 29 is primarily constructed with stone, yet its distinctive feature lies in the incorporation of bricks, notably sourced in part from Tomb No. 6. Remarkably, a brick was discovered bearing the inscription “Made by a person from Jianye(造 此 是 建 業 人也 ).” Jianye(建業) refers to the historical name of Nanjing, China, underscoring that the brick’s creator was from this Chinese city. This discovery further affirms the close interactions between Baekje during the Woongjin era and Nanzhao in China.