NRICH Identifies Valued Traditional Korean Gardens through Cooperation with the KNA

The Research Division of Natural Heritage has identified 24 traditional Korean-style gardens that are part of private homes in Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do Provinces,  together with the Korea National Arboretum (KNA).

There have been studies on private homes registered as cultural heritages but almost none on gardens attached to private homes. To address this, NRICH conducted a joint project with the KNA, using its expertise on traditional landscaping and the KNA’s knowledge on gardens.

The 24 private gardens were identified through two years of joint research following the 2019 agreement between the two agencies for identification, restoration to original state, and conservation of traditional Korean gardens. They include 12 gardens in Gyeongsang-do (e.g. the Choe house in Gyeongju, the Hong Gi-chang house in Naju) and 12 others in Jeolla-do. All are paragons of the beauty of traditional private Korean gardens.